Owen Seeks Four More Years of Service

Owen:   Respectfully Volunteering to Serve Four More Years

By State Representative Charles Owen, Candidate for Re-Election, District 30

Early Voting 30 Sep – 7 Oct; Election Day is 14 Oct


To the good citizens of the 30th District:  I hope you’ll give me your strongest consideration when you cast your vote for State Representative in the Fall election.  

When the people of Vernon and Beauregard elected me four years ago, I promised to be transparent and available and represent the values of the citizens of this district.  My conscience is clear that I have done those things and I am eager and hopeful about the opportunity to serve you for 4 more years. 

My focus has been on being available for the citizens of the 30th and supporting the types of legislation we need here and around Louisiana.  I have supported what I believe to be good government at every turn.  I stood for our public school teachers, students and families—working tirelessly to ensure both the funding for our schools and pay raises for our teachers.  Three permanent pay raises and a strong stipend came through for our teachers and support personnel.  More needs to be done and more WILL be done. I personally helped fight off inclusion of radicalism being introduced to our school students—we have pro-American Social Studies being taught in our schools now!  I’ll introduce legislation the next session to change and expedite the Cost of Living adjustments for our retirees; we must do better for our retirees. 

Over $50M of state construction dollars have come in or are earmarked for our area.  Improvements to Hwy 117 are locked in and starting now; we also secured money for water systems, city and parish roads and hospitals.  I lobbied for, supported, and voted for all these initiatives.  

I stood without flinching during pivotal moments, such as when we passed the strongest pro-life law in the country, when we protected young women in sports, and when we outlawed the mutilation of children via experimental procedures.  

I stood resolutely with law enforcement and DA’s, working to address our current public safety situation and prepare for a better Louisiana for our children and grandchildren.  One of our pathways to a better future in Louisiana is to support an environment that supports a healthy economy; I stood for good policy to support both small and large businesses every time I had the chance.

My most important duty as a legislator has been being available to our citizens and to hold state agencies and others accountable.  Our people deserve good treatment and prompt response from the state when they have a need.  I routinely intervened for our citizens with state agencies and got results.  https://www.facebook.com/realchuckowen or www.owenforlouisiana.com.

Please prayerfully consider how you vote on this important day and in all our elections.  God bless you.