Meeting of Vernon Parish Police Jury – November 13

The Vernon Parish Police Jury met at 5 p.m. Monday, November 13, in the upstairs meeting room of the Police Jury building.  Jurors heard from Ms. Wendy Kreps and Mr. Kevin Johnson, representing a new committee with the City of Leesville interested in building a multi-sport and recreational complex in Vernon Parish.  Mr. Josh Wilkerson came before the Police Jury and asked about halting the parish-wide burn ban.  Vernon Parish for now will continue to stay under state guidelines and continue the ban.

A public hearing will be held Monday, December 18, at 10 a.m. during the Jury meeting on an ordinance to change the speed limit on Holly Grove Road in District 2 to 35 mph in its entirety.  Another ordinance changes speed limits on Holly Estates Road at various points.

The Economic Development and Planning Committee reported that plats have been received and reviewed for new housing developments.  The Pinewood Meadows Mobile Home Park will be located off Northwood Road in District 7.  The Ft. Johnson RV Park will be located off Jean Chapel Road in District 4.

The Road Maintenance and Construction Committee authorized the solicitation of bids for materials & supplies and overlay for 2024.  The Ways and Means Committee authorized the solicitation of bids for janitorial supplies for 2024.

Just prior to adjournment, District 12 Juror Kenny Haymon relayed a message he had received from the state on repairs to the dam on Vernon Lake.  Parts have been found to repair the front gate, and it should be fully operational in 3-4 weeks.  Once that front gate repair is completed engineers will address the long-standing leak in the dam.

The holiday calendar was approved for Parish employees: Thanksgiving – November 22-24; Christmas -December 25-27; New Years – January 1-3.