Local Employers: Read This!!

Is your business suffering from a lack of qualified employees?  Is there room to grow your business with proper help?

Ft. Johnson’s Employment Readiness Program has a solution to your work force troubles.  It’s called the Military Spouses Career Accelerator Pilot Program.  This program gives you access to the skilled, educated, and diverse workforce that are military spouses.  The program is fully subsidized by the U.S. Department of Defense and costs you nothing as an employer.  They will pay your employee for 12 weeks of working for you.  You will also receive promotional activities and social media engagement.  When the program is up, you may have just found a new employee for your business!

Contact the Ft. Johnson Employment Readiness Program at 337-531-6922 and speak with Stacey Delgado.  Her e-mail contact is Stacey.r.delgado.civ@army.mil.com.  If you qualify for this program, your newest employee is waiting for you to call!  Help grow your business, new or old, with a military spouse who is wanting to work.