Vernon Parish Police Jury – October 16, 2023

The Vernon Parish Police Jury met in regular session Monday, October 16, at 10 a.m. Visitors included Chad Hagan and Lori Marto from the Vernon Parish 4-H Program. Marto is a nutritionist, and she explained the various healthy eating programs designed for all ages to promote better nutrition. This information is for all residents of Vernon Parish. She wanted Jurors to understand the programs and their benefits. Hagan thanked the Jurors and staff of the Police Jury for all the work they did at the recently- held West Louisiana Forestry Festival. Ms. Sharon Green with the Vernon Parish Coroner’s Office addressed Jurors about what the Coroner’s Office does for Vernon Parish residents. She asked the Police Jury for more help with transportation, workspace, and pay for being on call. Green told Jurors the office is working on national accreditation, which could lead to grant money for the parish.

Dane Bergeron with the South Central Planning and Development Commission reported on a small business loan program that has $50 million to loan in assisting Vernon business owners affected by recent hurricanes and floods. Bergeron said that his office in DeRidder is ready to assist Vernon Parish residents with paperwork, and he wanted Jurors to tell their constituents about the availability of funds.

Local resident Reggie Strain brought his concerns to the Police Jury about the difficulty he has had with the parish building inspector. His comments led to a lively, fifteen-minute discussion on the topic. The general consensus of Jurors was there are some issues that need to be addressed, and they promised to do that.

In business matters, Jurors approved a motion to give $200,000 to the City of Leesville for extension of sewer lines and service on Jean Chapel Road and Entrance Road. This would be a big benefit for residents living in those areas. Jurors okayed a claim for $300 worth of damage done to a resident’s mobile home skirting by a parish road crew. They also heard a report from the Personnel Committee on one new hire and sick leave time for an employee. They also approved a request from the Road Maintenance/ Construction Committee to pay for a pair of Vernon Parish School Board projects and approved the maintenance resolutions for the Village of Simpson and the Town of Rosepine.

There was a public hearing but no discussion on a motion to change the speed limit on Martin Conover Loop (Dist.6-Ward 2) to 15 MPH in its entirety. Jurors approved the change.