Representative Schamerhorn, District 24

Representative Rodney Schamerhorn is more than just a representative and advocate for shared conservative values, he is a man with a mission. Earning a seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives for District 24 four years prior, Rep. Schamerhorn has decided to run for re- election, pledging to continue the fight for the people of Louisiana and the values they hold dear.

A dedicated family man, Rep. Schamerhorn is not only the proud father of two successful business owners but also a loving grandfather. His personal life is as vibrant and engaging as his political career, with his children and granddaughter embodying his values of hard work, perseverance, and integrity. His dedication to his family is mirrored in his commitment to serving the people of Louisiana, ensuring he remains actively engaged with the local community.

As a representative, Schamerhorn has emerged as a stalwart protector of our constitutionally protected, God-given rights and conservative values, striving for financial responsibility, quality education, robust infrastructure, and limited government intervention in our daily lives.

Rep. Schamerhorn is a staunch advocate for parental rights, standing firm against any attempts to infringe upon them. He believes parents should make decisions regarding their children’s medical treatment and their education, opposing the infiltration of radical WOKE ideologies in classrooms.

His fight also extends to election integrity, endeavoring to ensure all legal votes are counted and secured ahead of the 2024 Presidential election.

As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, Rep. Schamerhorn is determined to uphold citizens’ right to bear arms, viewing Constitutional Carry as a non-negotiable right. He is a critic of the government’s overreach, overregulation, and high taxes, which he believes suffocates small businesses and families, and prevents economic prosperity here in Louisiana.

Recognizing the significant role of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana’s economy, Schamerhorn has committed to protecting it from political attacks and overregulation.

However, Rep. Schamerhorn is aware that there is more work to be done. He expresses his disappointment over the unsuccessful override of 24 bills vetoed by Governor Edwards and sees this as a rallying cry for more conservatives to join the fight in Baton Rouge.

Schamerhorn’s dedication and commitment have not gone unnoticed. He recently received the endorsement of the Louisiana Freedom Caucus PAC and was recognized by the Republican Party of Louisiana at Victory 2023 for being one of only 19 House members who stood firm against busting the spending cap.

As his re-election campaign gains momentum, Representative Rodney Schamerhorn continues to prove that he is a resilient voice for the people of Louisiana. With his tireless dedication to serving and the backing of his constituents, Schamerhorn stands ready to champion the causes that matter most to the people of District 24.