Leesville City Council 8/28

The Leesville City Council met Monday, August 28, at 3 p.m.  Council members approved an ordinance amending a previous ordinance adopted by the City on June 26, 2023.  The ordinance provides for the incurring of debt and issuance of $400,000 of Excess Revenue Bonds, Series 2023, of the City of Leesville, providing for other matters in connection therewith.

Council members resolved to confirm and properly seat two newly elected Civil Service Board members.  Daniel Duhon will represent the Leesville Police Department, and Eric Baker will represent the Leesville Fire Department.

Ft. Johnson Garrison Commander, Colonel C.J. Lopez, and Command Sargeant Major Stephen Nelson relayed to the Council that post fire support personnel had been working 19-hour shifts, fighting eight fires in eight days.  Col. Lopez said that nearly 60 evacuated families were relocated to Ft. Johnson.

Leesville Mayor, Rick Allen, personally recounted to Council visitors his experience with Ft Johnson fire trucks #20 & 21 during the Lions Camp Road fire Saturday night.  They apparently arrived in the nick of time and were invaluable to the fight.  Allen also thanked Pineville Mayor, Rich Dupree, for sending trucks from the Pineville Fire Department to assist in moving the residents of the Woodlands Assisted Living Facility Saturday evening, August 26.  He also thanked the City of West Monroe for sending four of their 12 trucks to Leesville that same weekend.

The Leesville City Council next meets Monday, September11, at 3 p.m.